Audi Connect

Your Audi. Your world. Connected.
With Audi connect, it's like having your own personal assistant on the road. As an intuitive, cloud-based service platform, Audi connect offers information, entertainment, assistance, and security features so you can stay connected-wherever you go.
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Once you set up your myAudi account, you can access Audi connect services from anywhere using the myAudi app.
Stay connected-even on the go. With high-speed network access in your Audi, get a range of entertainment and information services streamed seamlessly to you.
Stay informed while you drive.
Get up-to-date parking information, fuel prices, weather, and learn about points of interest such as restaurants and shops before you arrive.
Hands-free control.
Communicate hands-free using the Audi advanced voice recognition system. Ask questions, send texts, and more-all while on the move.
More with the myAudi app.
Customize your myAudi Navigation system by saving your favourite travel destinations and sending Google Map coordinates or travel details directly from your smartphone. Get personalized news feeds and stay updated on current events. Connect your apps to Audi connect and access your calendar, emails, social media.*

*Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Emails and text messages should never be read on the MMI display while driving.

Safety & Security
With Audi connect, emergency services4, roadside assistance5, and Audi Service are only a call or click away.
Locate & track your Audi.
With Car Finder, your vehicle's coordinates appear on a map to locate your Audi. If your vehicle is stolen, the Audi Stolen Vehicle Locator call centre assists you in coordinating with law enforcement agencies to recover your vehicle.
Get service alerts & status.
When it's for ready for service, your Audi directly notifies your dealership, and you'll receive a call or email to schedule an appointment. In addition, you can access your Audi remotely using your smartphone* or tablet to lock or unlock your vehicle's doors or check fuel levels and mileage.

*Smartphone message and data usage rates apply. Requires compatible smartphone
In an emergency, Audi is there.*
In an accident, your Audi contacts emergency services and dispatches your GPS location.** In case of breakdown, the Online Roadside Assistance Centre offers help with towing, battery, and more.*** Access services via your Audi MMI system-including Incident assistance, which recommends based on need.

*Emergency Call, Roadside assistance & Incident assistance available only on select vehicles.
**Some limitations apply. Emergency Call is enabled on all vehicles equipped with Audi connect Security and Assistance prior to purchase or lease and does not require registration or a subscription.
***Roadside Assistance provided by an authorized third-party service provider
Set your boundaries.
Adjust certain speed and area parameters for your vehicle. If your Audi exceeds the set parameters, you'll receive a notification via text or email.*

*Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Emails and text messages should never be read on the MMI display while driving.
Navigation Assistance
Get real-time updates on speed limit changes, temporary traffic, and construction sent directly to your navigation system.6
Get traffic relief.
Using data from central traffic light control, your Audi signals time left until traffic lights change. To steer clear of traffic jams, Audi connect provides live, real-time traffic updates, current road situations, and alternate routes.*

*Always obey speed and traffic laws. The alerts should only be viewed when it is safe and appropriate.
Know the way.
Get clear guidance to your destination with aerial satellite imaging* using 3D city models.

*Only available with Audi connect PLUS.
Automatic map update.
Stay up to date. Every six months, your Audi's navigation system is automatically updated to provide you with the most up-to-date information while travelling.
Set your destination.
Via your myAudi account, easily send your Google Maps coordinates and travel details directly from your smartphone or tablet to your Audi's navigation system.
e-tron Services
Discover Audi connect services specifically designed for the Audi e-tron 55 quattro.
Remote charging.
Charging your car has never been easier. Using the myAudi app, check or monitor the status of your e-tron's charge level and available range anytime, anywhere. Forgot to press start on your charger? Activate the start button remotely via myAudi. When your e-tron reaches full charge, simply stop the charging process using the myAudi app.
Remote climate control.
Always the perfect temperature. Remotely activate your e-tron's climate control system using the myAudi app. In the winter, pre-heat your e-tron by starting the heated seats, heated steering wheel and heated windshield functions all while minimizing the energy consumed. As an added bonus, the climate control function can be automatically pre-set up to 6 days in advance.
Driving data.
Get detailed data on your driving behaviour. From average consumption, speed and distance, receive helpful insights on how you can improve your driving to maximize efficiency and range.