Audi quattro all wheel drive

March 27 2019, Audi Hamilton

Chosen by millions worldwide, Audi quattro® is a born winner. With unmatched stability and control in all driving conditions, quattro® technology provides enhanced safety and improved driving dynamics.

quattro® with multi-plate clutch

A full-time reliable ride

  • An electro-hydraulically controlled Multi-Plate Clutch distributes power to the front and rear axle, responding almost instantly to changes in traction
  • This action occurs automatically, requiring no driver input whatsoever, meaning no driver distraction
  • In extreme cases, quattro® with the Multi-Plate Clutch can transmit 100% drive force to the rear axle. Additionally, almost 100% of the drive force can also be transmitted to the front axle, when needed

Driving dynamics

Audi quattro® technology offers superior traction, acceleration, higher cornering speeds, improved straight line stability and more tractive power for a difference in driving dynamics you can feel.

Superior safety

Vehicles with quattro® technology offer unrivalled handling and reliability for superior levels of active safety – even under bad weather and road surface conditions.

Elevate your experience

Audi has pioneered the use of four-wheel drive in the luxury car, offering a safe and dynamic driving experience while simultaneously delivering a unique and exclusive level of driving pleasure.

quattro® with self-locking centre differential

Optional sports differential

An option for vehicles utilizing the Self-Locking Centre Differential, the Sports Differential offers even more sporty dynamics. Now, not only can power be distributed from front to rear axle, but it can also be distributed between the rear wheels.

  • Actively distributes power between the rear wheels
  • Propulsive power is distributed quickly and continuously, counteracting any move away from the ideal line at the very onset
  • Understeer is virtually eliminated while the vehicle turns spontaneously and directly into the bend, and maintains directional stability for a longer period of time

quattro® with viscous coupling

Inspired by motor sport

  • Designed to ensure the vehicle acts like a rear wheel drive biased vehicle
  • Between 10% and 35% of drive force can be transmitted to the front axle
  • The viscous coupling is a fluid clutch. Inside, a fluid is heated by shearing, hereby changing its consistency from fluid to solid in an infinitely variable manner. This produces seamless power transmission from almost 0 to 100%

quattro® with crown gear differential

Greater agility, outstanding traction and precisely controllable, sporty handling.

  • Achieves high lock-up torque values with its multi-plate clutch packages for enhanced traction
  • Distrubution of torque takes place before unwanted wheel spin can occur
  • Targeted braking of inner wheels causes additional drive torque to be directed to the outer wheels, significantly improving corner traction

Currently this system is only available on the upcoming RS 5.

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